History of the Artist

A. D. Jayathilake. Born in 1928. Sri Lanka.

Holds a Diploma in Fine Art from Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan, India. He was in the final batch of students under Nandalal Bose from 1948-1952. It was Ramkinkar baij who was in the tutorial staff known as Epstein of India ,motivated Jayathilake to think new trends in Arts. Government of Sri Lanka has awarded Kala Bushana for his contribution. He became the Deputy Director of Aesthetic Education and retired in 1985 as an officer attached to the Sri Lanka Educational Administrative Service (Art).


It was as far back as 1970, that A. D. Jayathilake painted this creation with a new angle “Relaxing over a cup of tea” (P-1) and this style influences him to paint series of art work in revolutionary manner. His background knowledge and the experience in the field of Art helped him to evolve a new “ISM” in this series. He shattered the barrier that was existing between the painting and spectator that was prevailing for many century in the past. He brought the onlooker so close to the painting and paved the way to him to walk into the painting. And thereby arousing a feeling that his heart and soul have merged with the painting. Now he is no more an outsider. More than that onlooker will realise the message given by Artist and feels that he himself is the artist who created the painting. When ‘Art Benwinton’ asked the artist A. D. Jayathilake “What have you got to say about this type of painting and what do you call it? ” He say this is “Selfism”. “I have painted several painting on this line and kept for exhibitions in the past. There are many hidden facts in it. I leave the art lovers and general public to explore and make their own decisions and to make comment.”