ARTWORK-1 Arjun Tree

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art-1- Arjun tree

ARTWORK-1 Arjuna – Bengali, Arjun Tree – English, Terminalia arjuna – Scientific name

Art work of Arjuna was done by Dr.Nandalal Bose at Kalabavan Shanthiniketan (02.01.1944) and gifted to his admirable student A.D.Jayathilake.He was a student from Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and had the opportunity to study under Dr.Nandalal Bose in the final batch (1948-1952).

Growth of peculiar tree types can be seen near river banks as a formation of a large trees with a buttressed, spreading base and horizontally spreading branches, and woody,dark bown which can resist to high pressure floods and in the past some of the Old masters burnt the wood for ashes and used as a white colour pigment. There are different type of species found as Arjuna Tree and still we can see a typical tree at Savapalli Shanthiniketan.

Dr.Nandalal compaired Arjuna Tree to Arjuna, a heroic character with courage who stood through thick and thin with lord Krishna in the war narrated in the great epic of Mahabaratha in India. He brought out the typical character of the Arjuna tree, masterly using dry brush in Chinese ink on paper. As a result of this technique no copy will be available as a version and it has become unique.

On the left side of the Art work-1 clearly mentioned in bengali

“Arjuna” his valuable signature and the date done as 02.01.1944.

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